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The NeuroTrainingLab™ methodology adapts to the specific needs of each country

How subtle adaptations can make a difference?

The NeuroTrainingLab™ methodology adapts to the specific needs of each country

Developing soft skills, emotional intelligence and leadership skills is a must among leaders all over the world. However, managing a consulting business to deliver these people development services will sometimes be different, depending on the economic, business and cultural reality of each country.

The NeuroTrainingLab™ methodology, developed and taught by KLIO in Barcelona, follows specific and core guidelines in all its franchises, in order to gather information on leadership trends, which can be compared for research purposes and develop leadership skills in a way that is already proven. This methodology, in turn, is also adapted so that it can work better in each cultural and economical context.

NeuroTrainingLab™ Brasil, led by the leading consultant company Nortus, began testing in 2018 and had its first official session in 2019. The first sessions were carried out using a role play case sponsored by KLIO, which is currently used today in Barcelona.

Shortly after the first test sessions, Nortus formed a team to create new cases,

considering the peculiarities of the Brazilian corporate world. Initially this team had the participation of diverse professionals with vast experience in business consulting, observers from NeuroTrainingLab™ and the actress.

This group started to build upon a real event, from a shocking situation in a client’s company: The production of a large batch of a piece, which was out of specification was delivered to the main customer of the company without anyone noticing the fault. Consequently, the customer suffered serious damage when those pieces where applied; a work accident caused by machinery breakdown. To address this situation, Nortus created six cases for six different NeuroTrainingLab situations, with different profiles and needs of the people involved. Each client arrives at the NeuroTrainingLab with a need and the objective of Nortus

having a wide range of cases is so, that they can adapt to them with the same precision

possible to the reality of the participant and the needs of personal development.

In Spain and Belgium, on the other hand, in association with EADA Business School and Antwerp Management School respectively, we have fictitious cases that are used again for MBA students, in order to compare results between students and generations. Nevertheless, these cases were constructed first hand based on real situations as well.

Another nuance that we can find, is that in Spain the methodology is carried out with two participants, two observers and an actress, while in Chile, with our partner Momentum Consultores it is only developed with an observer for two participants who interact with each other without the actress. Nortus, on the other hand, at its headquarters in Campinas, Brazil do have actors, and two coaches as observers for one participant, which divide the focus of observation and evaluation. The first observer has the focus on the posture and strategies taken by the participant during the session to finally give his assessment, and the second observer has a complete focus on analyzing and observing what is said during the session, along with non-verbal behaviors, while entering this information in our flagship observation software called EQqualia™.

LATAM Coaching Network, our partner in Perú, have their own formula as well. Each session including two participants and one actor is supervised by one coach, who is in charge of observation and giving feedback. What they value the most in their process is the fact that the coaches give themselves extra time to watch the recorded video, in order to confirm the behavioral evidence for the model’s leadership competences that are looked for. Thus, forming a professionally written feedback into the reports. This is an important step of the coach’s work, which is also encouraged in every country.

This all leads to a great global advantage: thanks to the fact that we form a collaborative network between all of our partners, the learnings and developments of each one can feed the growth of the rest, sharing ideas and improvements to perhaps implement them as well. Keep in touch if you want to hear about the next new NeuroTrainingLabs that will soon be announced on this blog.

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