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Harvard Business Review Brazil publishes an article on the NeuroTrainingLab™

NTL Brazil is managed by our partner company Nortus

“NeuroTrainingLab™ offers a unique experience of observable and measurable development of leadership competencies in a scenario that simulates reality.”

This is how our partner Nortus describes and promotes its training center, which is already operational in Campinas near Sao Paulo for professionals and managers in the Brazilian market.

Nortus is a reference company in contemporary management solutions. In the interview, published in Harvard Business Review, Prof. Dr. Steven Poelmans, the founder of NeuroTrainingLab™, comments on an experience teaching MBA students at IESE Business School that led to the creation of the patented methodology.

“I have been teaching for some time in some of the major business schools in the world using the case method. On one occasion, one of the students raised his hand during a case discussion and said, "If I were in this situation, I would do this, this and that! I would talk to the HR manager and tell her clearly what is going on." He was getting very nervous. So I said, "Okay, let's do it! You're you, and this girl in front of you will be the HR manager. Talk." To my great surprise, he failed to do so. He began to stutter, to look for words, and said something offensive to the other person. It was then that I realized that yes, the case method is a big step forward in the way we teach leadership, but we need simulations, role plays where people can really act upon what they have in mind.”

With that in mind, like other NeuroTrainingLab partners in Spain, Chile, Belgium, and Peru, Nortus' goal is to consciously create a demanding environment in the NeuroTrainingLab™ to see how professionals and managers deal with emotion and conflict, confronting dilemma’s and challenging business situations. They have to confront specially selected and trained actors who represent colleagues, collaborators or supervisors, in order to make decisions and solve problems, while building strong relationships and trust.

We are very proud of our partnership with Nortus’, a company that is thriving and offering this innovative leadership development methodology in the Brazilian market! We have been collaborating since five years now, offering the Neuroscience of Leadership and Coaching program in Brazil, and developing a new virtual course based on the “BrainBalance” model. Readers who are interested in developing themselves as advanced coaches in the Neuroscience of Leadership and Coaching can sign up for a new program in Campinas, in collaboration with Nortus, which includes a certification as a NeuroTrainingLab coach, that is planned for the summer of 2020. You can check their website here.

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