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Video: How to unleash the brain to achieve effective leadership?

Scientists predict that the next Human species will be “homo sapiens autocreator”, that is the self-creating species, which will meet the information challenges of the 21 century. How will the highspeed response of the human brain change and how to make it work for leadership?

The modern world puts a tremendous amount of challenges to us, both personal and corporate. Replacement of many routine procedures and middle management by artificial intelligence, robotic production force the mankind to seek a new place in the future.

Issues for Discussion:

- How do modern humans develop?

- Development of the human being as homo sapiens autocreator - self-creating, self-made man - what does it mean?

- How can it be consciously used today?

- How to shake your brain and force a person to exit the zone of stereotypes?

- What are the ways to “upgrade” your team?

- How to get self-configuring for developing new competences, while retaining the staff?

- Brain unleashing and creativity.

Moderator: Dzhangir Dzhangirov, Senior Vice President, Supervisor of Risks Block, Sberbank PJSC

Participants: Alexander Asmolov, Director for Humanitarian Policy, RANEPA Tatiana Chernigovskaya, Professor of Neuroscience and Psycholinguistics Steven Poelmans, Professor of Neuroscience & Strategic Leadership, Antwerp Management School

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