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We are dedicated to the research and development of our own technology.

The NeuroTrainingLab™ is a methodology for the development of leadership competencies, that allows observing leadership behaviors and measuring associated neuro-cognitive activity. Its purpose is to increase EQ, performance and health in professionals by giving contingent, task-based neurofeedback. 


  1. Experiential “learning-by-doing”, dynamic and engaging.

  2. Leadership simulator with typical challenges with real people.

  3. Accelerated learning of soft skills through task-based contingent feedback.

  4. Development of meta-cognition or the “internal observer” crucial for learning and adaptation.

  5. Development of emotional intelligence in terms of recognizing and managing emotions in oneself and others.


  1. Mixed, multi-disciplinary methodology based on neurosciences and the theory of leadership paradoxes.

  2. Scientific approach with pre- and post measures of multiple source data at multiple levels of analysis.

  3. Use of objective measures: expert observers and neural activity.

  4. Instrumental for calculating R.O.I. of training programs.

  5. Link between performance evaluation, competency development and coaching in organizations.



Based on three programs at EADA Business School, we observe an average 32% increase (ranging from 20% to 50%) in all leadership competences after the program.


Upcoming Events 

July 2021
NELA  The Neuroleadership Academy
By Prof. Steven Poelmans

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