The NeuroLeadership Academy offers training and development programmes for the application of the neurosciences to the practice of leadership and coaching in organizations.

The NeuroLeadership Academy offers two training programmes.


A NeuroLeadership Academy programme with the collaboration of our partners in Spain, Chile, Brasil, Perú and Belgium.


  • Introduction to NeuroAnatomy and NeuroLeadership

  • The Unique Brain (Dispositional Neuroscience)

  • The Thinking Brain (Cognitive Neuroscience; Cognition) 

  • The Emotional Brain (Affective Neuroscience; Emotion)

  • The Social Brain (Social Cognitive Neuroscience)

  • BrainBalance™


Advances in neuroscience are introducing new ways of understanding how human beings process information, make decisions, and cope with emotions, and interact with other people. All this leads us to question and change the fundaments established on our functioning in social contexts. The discoveries and methods coming from the neurosciences are also being incorporated more and more in other fields as in management, giving rise to new fields of research such as: Neuro-economics, neuro-marketing, or neuro-leadership.

These scientific advances bring new technologies and methods of measuring human performance and brain activity, such as the use of FMRI, PET-Scan, EEG, and biofeedback. Scientists in the field of neuroscience applied to leadership and coaching are beginning to use some of these methods to measure and improve cognitive performance, and to provide feedback for the development of leaders and coaches. As managers are mainly knowledge workers, it is essential to understand how brain and mind works for any professional who is dedicated to improving performance and organizational well-being. In this context we propose the program of "Neuroscience applied to Leadership and Coaching" (NELA).


Our mission is to develop assertive, empathetic and inspirational leadership in organizations, in order to build socially responsible and sustainable organizations. Our team is formed by experts in leadership, coaching, organizational development, pedagogy and neuroscience, in order to give participants a learning experience with direct implications for the practice as a leader or change enhancer.

4-Day Programme

Lectured by Dr. Steven Poelmans

  • Directors and team managers. (Teams of at least 5 people)

  • Professional executive coaches with at least 5 years of experience.

  • Educators, Pedagoges and managers of educational institutions. 

  • Consultants and experts in HR and/or talent management and development

Who can apply?

Course Duration

  • 4 days, (32 classroom hours  +10 hours for online assignments).


A NeuroLeadership Academy programme with the colaboration of our partners in Spain, Chile, Brasil, Perú and Belgium.

3-Day Programme

Lectured by Dr. Steven Poelmans

Who can apply ?

  • NELA Certified professionals*

  • Senior executive coaches with at least five years of experience.

  • Consultants and experts in HR and management/talent development

  • Organizational psychologists, researchers and specialists in human performance and assessment.



Course Duration

  • 3 days, (24 classroom hours  +10 hours of NeuroTrainingLab practice).

  • Context and panorama of the NeuroTrainingLab™ Methodology

  • Recap of the principles of neuroscience

  • Doing research and data treatment

  • Development of cases

  • Develop reports

  • Evaluation of leadership competences

  • Give feedback and coaching

  • Interpretation of neurophysiological indicators

  • Work with the EQqualia software

  • Prepare and work with actors

NELA Pro dictates the NeuroTrainingLab methodology and provides the skills required to apply it. The programme consists of various modules. Each module focuses on a particular aspect of the methodology, and together they cover the whole spectrum of preparing for the creation and management of exercises in the NeuroTrainingLab, from the moment of working with a client, and identifying the competencies to develop, till the delivery of a final report to the clients.

At the very beginning you will receive a general information session on how to prepare an exercise at the NeuroTrainingLab. You will get a complete picture of the development process regarding the identification of objectives and methods for a specific programme (leadership, coaching, etc.) In this context, we can configure the use of the NeuroTrainingLab as a tool for the development of leadership competencies in managers, so that you can present the processes of development during the exercise. This involves the formulation of a question for research or development; the drafting or adaptation of a case; the selection, information and training of actors; the development and use of observation of competencies; the correct delivery of feedback; the conducting of coaching sessions; the drafting of reports and the marketing of the NeuroTrainingLab.


Throughout this programme, you will have to carry out various activities that complement your learning and promote interaction within the learning community. Among these activities we can highlight: 

  • Observation and commentary of videos that present or discuss the contents 

  • Reading and reflection of research articles, reports of general diffusion or instructive texts

  • Problem solving in leadership contexts or coaching 

  • Input of ideas in discussion forums for the production of new shared knowledge 


This programme uses an evidence-based criterion for evaluation. Therefore the knowledge you acquire during the program will count in your path to certification. We focus on three learning processes, each of which will be evaluated: Your learning process in class and participation, your knowledge of Leadership Neuroscience, and your development in a complete exercise of NeuroTrainingLab.


  • Introduction to NeuroAnatomy and NeuroLeadership

  • The Unique Brain (Dispositional Neuroscience)

  • The Thinking Brain (Cognitive Neuroscience; Cognition) 

  • The Emotional Brain (Affective Neuroscience; Emotion)

  • The Social Brain (Social Cognitive Neuroscience)

  • Brain Balance Assessment Test


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