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Prof Dr Steven Poelmans


Neuroscience-Based Leadership in the Information Age

Based on hundreds of observations of managers in action in the NeuroTrainingLab ™, Prof. Steven Poelmans developed the Leadership Paradox Theory, its central premise is that successful managers are able to balance many paradoxes while participating in complex human interactions involving problem solving and relationship building.

This requires "brain flexibility," the ability to switch between different brain states or mindsets effortlessly, and "brain resilience," which is the ability to bounce back from cognitive overload or emotional confusion.

This book is about leading and connecting people in the knowledge and service society, with the brain in mind.

What else can you find in this masterpiece? Perspectives on leadership challenges, leadership neuroscience, the paradoxes of self-leadership, time, leadership, and a chapter on "quiet leadership" or "sustainable leadership."

Joseph Gavel

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