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Find out what your preferences are regarding the selection of information, decision-making, learning, and the relationship with others. 

Understanding our behavior and that of others


Our KLIO-CS method based on paradoxical traits, contains more dimensions than most tests on the market, this allows to deliver more detailed behavioral profiling results.


KLIO-CS is aimed at professionals, organization executives, executive coaches, teachers, educators, researchers, or social experts interested in strengthening their emotional and social intelligence.


The team-level results provided by KLIO-CS are interpreted by a facilitator as a guide to identify behavioral trends and define key points for improvement in work teams.


Better understand your team members

We have a solution based on obtaining results at the team level.

The KLIO-CS dynamic in teams helps members to recognize their strengths and areas of development, with the objetive of relating better with people of different styles and thus strengthening their level of emotional and social intelligence and their influence on other people.

Interested in getting to know your team better?

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