We are KLIO, The Kusala Leadership Intelligence Organization.

We are a collaboration network between partners in Europe and Latin America, whose share the purpose of investigate and develop leadership in people to contribute to a more sustainable society: healthy, profitable, innovative, and responsible.


Our Mission

We develop individuals, teams, and organizations in high performance, approach this through personalized and holistic training (physical, psychological, managerial, and social)

Our Core Values

We share the conviction that high-performance leaders can only maintain high levels of performance over time if they have the necessary integral complexity, resilience and balance to cope with an environment in constant flow.

Our Vision

We are to become a global, cross-cultural network of empowered partners who offer data-driven, evidence-based, neuroscience- and technology-enabled human development solutions like the NeuroTrainingLab™ methodology to their local clients, while sharing our knowledge around the world.





EADA Bussines School

Barcelona, Spain


AMS Antwerp Mangement School

Antwerpen, Belgium



Campiñas, Brazil


Human Capital 

Lima, Perú


What does kusala mean?

In the Buddhist dictionary, ‘kusala’ is explained as ‘kammically wholesome’ or ‘profitable’, ‘salutary’, ‘morally good’, ‘skillful’ and ‘blamelessness’. 

When kusala qualities are dominant, we experience mental health (arogya), mental purity (anavajjata), dexterity (cheka), mental felicity (sukha-vipaka).  Such a mind is healthy and skillful.